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Many people experience allergies, especially after age 3. Allergies often peak during the teenage years but may improve in adulthood. Depending on where you live and what you’re allergic to, symptoms can start in Spring and last until early Fall. Medications, such as antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays, can help, but some people prefer natural home remedies for seasonal allergies.

Unbeatable Home Remedies to Beat Seasonal Allergies

1 – Avoid Triggers

Allergy symptoms are typically triggered by outdoor pollens. However, indoor allergens, such as dust mites, may play a role too. If your allergies are triggered by pollen or other outdoor factors, you may be able to avoid symptoms by staying indoors during early morning hours or late afternoon and evening peak pollen hours.

2 – Sleep with the Windows Closed

This is a big one. Pollen counts are typically highest overnight, so during allergy season, keep your bedroom windows closed. Pollen won’t be able to sneak in. You’ll be surprised at how much fresher your bedroom air feels with the window closed.

3 – Use a Pollen Vacuum

If you can’t afford to keep your bedroom window closed all the time, consider using a pollen vacuum. These vacuums are designed to trap pollen as you vacuum, so they’re a good solution for pollen allergies.

4 – Use Pollen Filters

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may want to consider using an air purifier. If you have pets and your doctor has given you the go-ahead, an air purifier may help alleviate pet dander allergies.

5 – Use a Humidifier

Keep humidity levels in the home above 40%, or else the pollen may puff up and get trapped in your nasal passages and throat. You’ll find yourself sneezing and coughing more often. Keep a humidifier going in your bedroom.

6 – Protect Your Eyes

Pollen may get caught in your eyelids and around your eyes. Use an allergy eye drop to combat this. You can find allergy eye drops at the drugstore.

7 – Steer Clear of Smoke

If you smoke, avoid it at all costs during allergy season. Smoke can irritate your nasal passages, making your allergies worse. Avoid second-hand smoke too.

8 – Take a Vitamin B Supplement

Vitamin B can be a good natural remedy for seasonal allergies. It may help suppress your immune system and reduce your symptoms.

9 – Wash Your Pillow

If you suffer from allergies, you may want to wash your pillow every week. Washing your pillow every 7-10 days may help alleviate your symptoms. Wash your pillow in cold water with chlorine bleach or vinegar.

10 – Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has properties that may help reduce allergy symptoms. It’s a good herb to try during allergy season.


If your allergies are severe and persistent, you may want to talk to your doctor about whether allergy shots are right for you. But if your allergies are mild, you may want to try some of these remedies mentioned above to help you manage and get relief from your allergy symptoms.

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