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What is the Quantum Effect?

God made our bodies unique and wonderful. Scientists have learned that our bodies are made up of energy.

As a famous scientist said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nicola Tesla

In the simplest possible terms:

  • Your Body is made up of Energy
  • That Energy Responds to Frequencies
  • We Encode Healing Frequencies onto Skin Patches & Cards
  • We Pray Over All Products with 40 Bible Verses
  • Wear Them to Experience Healing

Now COMBINE that with our unique Multi-Sensory solutions and experience the Quantum Effect when you utilize MULTIPLE senses that God gave you to help you with your health!

When you incorporate reading out loud our Bible verse Reading Guide for your particular product, you use your MOUTH, your EARS, and your SIGHT which combine with the sense of TOUCH with the skin patch and the result is the Quantum Effect!

This multi-sensory approach to healing is unique to QE Strong and will be instrumental in your overall success and health! Experience the Quantum Effect today!

Thousands of Happy Customers Choose QE Strong

Dondee Nations

Muscle Pain Gone!

I do Microblading for long periods, and some days it causes my shoulders to burn with pain. I tried these patches over the area that was hurting, and within 30 mins pain was gone, and it didn’t return

- Dondee Nations


One of the strangest things I have ever used, but it sure works!

I have suffered from the Oklahoma spring and fall allergy seasons for years.

Last October, I was in a friend’s office, and he gave me an Allergy Patch. I asked him if it was a joke. He said that whether I understood it or not, to please just give it a try. My nose was running, and my eyes were watering, so I put it on my skin to humor him. To my great and unexpected surprise, in about 10 minutes, my symptom had all but disappeared.

I now wear it every day, and I seldom, if ever, have any symptoms at all. One of the strangest things I have ever used, but it sure works.

- RY

Sharon Long


I have used these patches for a week now, and I can sleep at night without having to take anything for pain. I haven't been able to do that in over 10 years.

- Sharon Long

Laurie Zapf


The patches are absolutely wonderful. I have a severe curvature of my lower spine. When I stand for long periods, it aches terribly, so I need to take painkillers. With these patches, I haven’t experienced any pain for weeks now. I love them!

- Laurie Zapf

Nita Mason, Texas

Brain Fog, Faucet Nose, too?

At the end of the summer, I developed a disgusting early morning routine: get dressed, sneeze without ceasing and runny nose for the first 2 hours of the day. I was also severely fatigued, plus my memory was getting worse. With those 3 problems, I chose the Allergy Relief, Strength & Stamina and Clarity & Focus patches. The changes were astonishing, and after a few days, I took off the Allergy and Strength patches. About 30 minutes later, the sneezing came back. Then an hour later, an all too familiar overwhelming sense of fatigue set in and I had to go lie down.

Then I put it together and realized just how much the patches had worked! With that knowledge, I DIDN’T DARE remove the Clarity & Focus one! I quickly put them back on and have since gotten the more permanent cards. In fact, I don’t like to be without them so I toss them in my bed at night and sleep on top of them, then wear them in my pockets during the day. Until my healing miracle from God occurs, life is much more bearable for this senior citizen! I was already familiar with the power of frequencies and think this is the healing wave of the future. Thank you, Rob, and God Bless this company!

- Nita Mason, Texas

Douglas Bohrtz

Takes Away the Pain

They work great in reducing my wife's pain in her lower back

- Douglas Bohrtz


They really work!

I was not expecting much, but I tried anyway. I was very surprised after putting on a patch. 2 days later, I noticed the pain returned. I checked the patch, and it had fallen off. Replace it, and the pain subsided. I’m getting the card next.


Karen Gillin

The only thing I use for allergies now is the patch

“About a year ago, I was given an Allergy patch by a friend. I thought this was a strange way to try and get relief from my very severe allergies. At the time, I was using a lot of antihistamines. The monthly cost to keep up the treatments was getting so expensive, and the benefits were becoming less and less. The first night I had the patch, I put it on my hand and slept all night without coughing or sneezing.

The next day I had no itchy eyes either. That was a year ago, and the only thing I use for allergies now is the patch. No more medications.”

- LW

Karen Gillin

Love them

I slept like a log for the last 3 days since I've been using them!! I will be ordering more.

- Karen Gillin

Recommended by

Amazing Pastors

Pastor Dave Scarlett
From His Glory!

“I fell off a ladder and opened up my leg. I put on a patch and the pain went right away”

Amanda Grace
From Ark of Grace!
I am personally using it, and it has made a big different in the pain levels in my body when I get bouts of pain. So praise the Lord for that. Praise the Lord!”

From The Blog

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