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What People Say About QEStrong Quantum Energy Solutions…
Great customer service

“Just wanted to express how good the customer service is with QE Strong. Send them an email and I heard right back from them!”

-Laureen Ouellet

Great product and company

“We have been using My Peppy Pet now for a few months and O’Rily has been doing a lot better. His ears are as painful and he is a happier dog.”

-Georgia Brogan

I love the Pain patch

“I love the Pain patch. Have to use 2 at a time, works great. Stops the lower back and joint pain in about 30 mins. Will be ordering more.”

-Cheryl Justice

Pain relief

“Excellent. I had relief within a day!”

-Heidi Siemon


“I was amazed on how well it worked. I would definitely buy them again!”

– Heather Wilcox

QE pain patches

“The pain patches work great, but I also received large white patches with them. Can you tell me what they are used for?”

-Teresa Densmore

Awesome results

“This patch has definitely help my wife , sister-in-law and friends including myself I shared this product with family and friends and the results were amazing from better sleep reduced pain and enhanced energy Praise God!!!”

-Robert Munoz

Sleep & Refresh

“It’s amazing how well these work! I put one on about an hour before bed, and I’m perfectly relaxed when I am down for the. On especially stressful days, I use 2 patches still without being groggy in the morning.”

-Monica Carr

My teen experienced the power of The Word of God for the first time!!!

“Excellent overall experience! My son, age 14, was hearing the enemy whisper lies to him….I put the anti-anxiety patch on his skin and he said instantly the voices stopped! He was shocked and relieved and said he felt calm. I told him to thank Jesus and to take God’s promises, write them on his heart and speak them over every problem as he walks with Jesus! Thankyou for this product which demonstrates the power of Jesus who defeated the forever loser enemy and desires for us to enforce this victory every day!.”

-Terry Bottari

Love them

I slept like a log for the last 3 days since I’ve been using them!! I will be ordering more.

–  Karen Gillin

Your patches are amazing

I went on Facebook and I was like, my gosh, no, it is the patches. I absolutely love them!

-Maureen Brundage

They work!

I do a lot of standing at my job and the pain patches have helped keep my back from aching so much.

-Sue Schroeder

My Peppy Pet

Great, I did see an excellent improvement with my dog. Both with energy, and pain on her right side.

-Christy Gaiser

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Energy Pain Cards

It has help my pain & reduced it to just some Soreness. I shared some with family & friends to try & see what they think also. I’ve only heard Positive feedback so far.

– Susann Rinehardt


“Wow! They work! My back and neck pain went away. I found myself singing Christian songs in my head on repeat several times! The Bible versus embedded in the patches must be seeping in too! He he. Thank you Jesus!”

– Tammy Bond-Campbell

I think they’re effective

– Roxie Rose

Pain in right shoulder

Very good results! Most family members have RA or degenerative disk disease. We all feel like a new person, without all the pain .

– Debra Webb

Phone number?

Great it works very well. I am trying to get your phone number to place an order. Please advise.

– Don Doussan

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?


I was very impressed with the pain patchs

– Nancy Kirtley

Pain away

I have bursitis in my hip. The patches worked so well that I bought the cards.


Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Pain patch

Amazing product! I have been able to fall asleep and wake up in the morning without pain waking me up!

– Pamela Friesen

Wow!!! Really works fast!

Whenever I get a pain I just remember I have the patches and the card, then the pain goes away!

– Linda Joy


So far so good. At 69 my yard work is less difficult and I’m sleeping better.

– Gary Schweighardt

Pain patch

Great thanks God bless everyone

– Mary McCoy

Now a believer

Loved the results! Gave it to my daughter who is a nonbeliever ,and guess what, she believes now

– Cheryl Donisi

Pain Patches

Pain free and loving it.

– Jennifer Smith


“Great experience! After a few days I noticed the pain in my back and legs went away.
So thankful for these patches. Thank you so much and Praise the Lord!”
– Debbie LANDRY

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