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In a world clouded by unanswered questions, Dr. Edward Group’s relentless pursuit to unravel the mysteries of chronic pain takes an unexpected turn. As he delves into the intricate web of pain and toxicity, a revelation emerges, shaking the foundation of conventional wisdom. With every discovery, the hidden connections between toxins and suffering become clearer, leading Dr. Group down an uncharted path of natural solutions and empowerment. But what he stumbles upon next will leave you on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating the resolution to this captivating tale of pain and the unexpected twist that awaits.

My special guest is Dr Edward Group

Dr. Edward Group, the founder of Global Healing, is a leading expert in the field of natural solutions for chronic pain and disease. With a background as a chiropractor and over 25 years of experience, Dr. Group understands the intricate connection between pain and toxicity in the body. He firmly believes that many of the chronic inflammatory conditions we experience are a direct result of the toxins we encounter in our daily lives, from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Dr. Group’s approach to pain management and overall health is refreshingly simple yet effective: eliminate the toxins that are causing inflammation and hinder the body’s natural healing process. By empowering individuals to take control of their own health and make informed choices, Dr. Group is revolutionizing the way we approach pain management and disease prevention.

We’re broken out of the Matrix. We’re open, and we’re starting to understand how our lives have been engineered by these evil people. We get it now. We’re open, and we’re starting to understand how our lives have been engineered by these evil people. – Dr. Edward Group

In this episode, you will be able to:

Chronic Pain and Toxins Connection

Dr. Edward Group elaborates on the direct relation between chronic pain and toxins in the human body. He asserts that persistent inflammation and toxicity, mainly due to unhealthy food, polluted air, contaminated water, and toxic home environment, are the prevailing causes of pain. Hence, understanding and rectifying this connection can be pivotal in managing chronic pain and improving overall health.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the website of Global Healing, the organization founded by Dr. Edward Group, to learn more about their mission and work to help people naturally and faithfully reduce their reliance on Big Pharma drugs.
  • Explore the resources and information available on the Global Healing website to understand the root causes of various health issues and how to heal yourself naturally. Look for articles, videos, and testimonials that provide insights and guidance.
  • Consider attending the Ages Healing for the Ages conference in Texas, where Dr. Group is a highlighted speaker. Learn more about the conference and how it can provide valuable information and support for your health journey.
  • Take the first step towards reducing pain and improving your health by focusing on cleaning and healing your gut. Look for resources and products on the Global Healing website that can help you achieve this, such as gut cleansing kits, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.
  • Recognize the importance of a healthy liver in breaking down chemicals and toxins in your body. Explore liver cleansing protocols and products available on the Global Healing website to support your liver health and detoxification process.
  • Address the presence of parasites in your body, which can release harmful toxins and contribute to chronic inflammation and pain. Look for parasite cleanse products and protocols


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00:01:  Hey, it’s Rob From. I am pain free podcast. I’m so excited. You have no idea how exciting this. Is for me to be able to.        

00:08:  Interview the amazing Dr. Group. Thank you so much for having you be here in Cisco. Yeah, it’s so cool. So if you do some research on Dr.        

00:21:  Group, it’s amazing. Global Healing is the organization that he founded a number of years ago. Right. And the awesome thing about it is he focuses on the root cause of trying to help people. And as you know, with our pain free podcast, we’re trying to help people reduce their Big pharma intake from Big pharma drugs and do things naturally and faithfully.        

00:43:  And guess what? If you can do it and find. The root of things, and Dr. Group. Is an expert at that, you can heal yourself naturally and faithfully without Big pharma drugs.        

00:53:  So what a pleasure. Thank you so much for being here. Good to be here. Thanks for having me. Yeah, it’s neat.        

00:58:  And then we are just blessed to be at a conference. The doctor Group is the highlight. It’s the Ages Healing for the Ages conference right here in Texas. So tell us a little bit about the conference first, and then we’ll go back. Well, everybody, right now, obviously, on the planet, there’s a lot of confusion, there’s.        

01:18:  A lot of suffering, and that’s exactly. What you would expect during a great. Awakening anytime in civilization when everything gets. Stale and the people at the top want more power and control and domination. They want control of the civilizations.        

01:37:  And ultimately what’s happened with us in. The last 100 or so years is the power has shifted up to a. Certain few families and their main mission. Is to, and has been for quite. Some time, is to keep us sick, keep us diseased, keep us in pain, keep us inflamed and ultimately control our.        

01:58:  Mind and body and soul. That sounds like so way out, but for the last 25 years, I’ve been unraveling this. Why do they put fluoride in the water? Why are they telling you to eat gluten? Why are you using a microwave?        

02:13: Why are you killing your food? And I’m a chiropractor, so I’ve been. Studying pain and neurological systems for over 25 years. Awesome. The pain free pain is the number one symptom that people suffer from all over the world.        

02:25:  Right. But if you really die, yes, there’s pain from injuries, but your body is supposed to feel from those injuries naturally. Right. The main issue with pain that we’re finding is the toxicity. It’s the chronic inflammatory conditions that are happening in the body.        

02:42:  Right. And if you trace that back, it’s because of the poisons in the food. It’s the poisons in the water. It’s the poisons in the air. It’s the poisons in your home.        

02:52:  It doesn’t matter if it’s pain or. If it’s diabetes or if it’s cancer. It doesn’t matter what condition you’re suffering. From all of our research has discovered. That every symptom is nothing more than you living in a toxic external environment right.        

03:10:  And poisoning your internal environment on a regular basis. And that’s just causing chronic inflammation and it’s slowing the healing process down tremendously. So what we do for pain and what we do for any condition is. We go back to the basics. I mean, everything in healing to me is very simple.        

03:31:  If you know that all conditions are. Nothing more than poisoning, then what do you do? You get rid of the poison. Right. When the liver is not functioning correctly, when the gut is not connecting to.        

03:44:  The brain efficiently, when your nerves are. Being burned out because of highly acidic foods and highly acidic drinks, then it’s very difficult for your neurological system to be balanced. And your body pain is a signal. Right. It’s a symptom.        

04:03:  That’s what symptoms are. It’s your body trying to tell you, hello, wake up. You need to do something here. You need to get me back in balance. Right.        

04:14:  The solution. There’s a very simple four step solution that we’ve used for pain and disease over the years. I love it. Clean and heal. Your gut starts from the core, right.        

04:26:  Clean the liver. The liver is the major organ in your body that breaks down the chemicals. hemotoxins. Clean all the parasites out of your body. The parasites?        

04:37:  Parasites are going to be worms, bacteria. Viruses, mycoplasms, spiral petes. I mean, any type of harmful organism. Lives in your body. Guess what these organisms secrete when they go to the bathroom in your body where they actually spit stuff out too?        

04:54:  Isopropyl, alcohol, formaldehyde, phenols, venomous toxins. Some worms create hundreds of venomous toxins. Yeah. And most of them haven’t even been identified. So what do all these venomous, acidic chemicals excrements and all that stuff do they irritate and inflame?        

05:14:  They irritate the nerves they inflame, depending. On where these things are located in your body might determine whether you’re having back pain or neck pain. Wow. Organ pain or some other type of pain. Right.        

05:32:  So these pain is associated also with blocked neurological pathways. That’s why it’s so important to adjust your spine. Chiropractic is absolutely amazing because every nerve. From your spine goes to an organ in your bodies. Right.        

05:53:  And if you’re out of alignment alignment, then that can affect you. That’s why also acupuncture works so good. That’s why they’re doing surgeries with acupuncture. These days instead of any anesthetic. Wow.        

06:05:  Because you’re tapping into those nerves and you’re basically numbing that naturally energy and vibration, and that allows them to do the surgery without you having to take anesthetics. I love it. So it doesn’t matter if it’s pain or whatever it is, really. The thing is, stop looking for somebody outside of yourself to heal your pain and your symptom. Right.        

06:29:  And start researching yourself and start reading books and learning how you can reactivate your body’s own self healing mechanism because that’s what the pain and that’s what the symptoms of disease are telling you. They’re telling you the signal is to you. It’s not to the doctor down the street. Doctor down the street can’t feel your feelings, right? The body is telling you to do something about it.        

06:54:  It’s just that we’ve been trained and. Zombified and manipulated from birth to go to somebody else to heal them. And that’s okay if you’re going to. Somebody who specializes in natural medicine and. Chiropractic and somebody that’s actually there.        

07:16:  That’s why we need health coaches. That’s why we need Naturopath, right? Because we’re here to teach you how. To heal yourself, right? Rather than taking pill for an ill, right?        

07:29:  You need to make that decision to go to somebody who understands how to teach you how to heal yourself. Yeah, like you said, we’ve just been trained since the beginning to go to the doctor, right? Go to the MD. The MD is going to fix me. And the MDS don’t ever fix you.        

07:47:  They give you something to cover up the pain. The pain is still there. It’s like if the oil light came on in your car and you go, hey honey, hand me that bandaid. Let me put that sticker over the oil.        

08:01:  Instead of actually changing the oil, putting fresh oil in the you’re just putting a Band Aid over it with pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals, that’s a fantastic word. Those are all synthetic compounds that block the natural ability of the body or. Stop it from happening or prevent something from being natural. Enzymes or something else in the body to be produced.        

08:30:  They never actually address the problem of. A situation that you’re suffering. Then they actually cause 20 other that’s a great problem. Eight months you’re back there and you’re on another medication. Three months later you’re on another medication.        

08:46:  Then it just keeps snowballing and snowballing. Meanwhile, you’re poisoning yourself even more and. You’re still not addressing the root problem. But we’ve also been conditioned for something easy, right? I want a noun, right?        

09:03:  Control your own health means you really have to be in charge of your. Own body and your own mind soul. And that means you have to dedicate time. It means you have to actually put your health as a priority in your life. We’ve also been engineered to go to work.        

09:22:  If you notice, they engineered everything about your life. You’re going to go to college, then you’re going to get a job. And then we’re going to teach you what we want you to hear. We’re not going to teach you the right stuff about history. And then you’re going to get a job.        

09:33:  And then you’re going to focus on this one thing. Then you’re going to be an expert in this subject, but you’re not going to be knowledgeable about many subjects. And then you’re going to rely on. Everybody else for everything instead of learning it yourself. The most important education that you can ever get in your entire life, which is not taught in any school.        

09:53:  Wow. Is education about yourself, education about your. Body, education about your connection to God? Amen. Amen.        

10:01:  Yeah. That is the number one priority from the time that we’re born. Right. Because we’re born spiritual beings and we’re. Here to become enlightened beings.        

10:12:  And that’s purposely these evil people that. Are running the world are all satanic, reptilian, devil worshipping, child sacrificing.        

10:26:  I mean, I don’t even call them humans. Pretty much just destructors. They’re just evil people that are trying to that have programmed all of us as slaves. True. In reality, they’ve created a whole society of slaves.        

10:42:  And here’s the kicker. Without you even knowing. Right. That was my yeah, they do it stealthily. Wow.        

10:50:  They’re great. They have really warfare. They use invisible warfare to do it. Yeah, they’ve been messaging from the time that you’re born, the doctor holds you instead of your mom holding you or doctor pulls you out. You’re shocked, in a state of shock of the white lights of the hospital.        

11:10:  Then immediately you’re traumatized.        

11:15:  Right. And then you’re taken home and you fed synthetic baby formula because the doctors say that, oh, breastfeeding. They convince the parent that it’s too. Tough and the mom has to go back to work. Every single thing about your life is.        

11:32:  Engineered, even from the cartoons that you’re watching on TV as a kid, all. The way up through high school, all the way up through college, everything, your whole life, every aspect of it is really engineered. Isn’t that amazing? The water, food, the education system, the monetary system, they educate you on politics and try to divide you. They educate you, engineer the racism, the.        

11:58:  Transgenderism, all of this stuff is put into your mind because the mind is. Actually what I call the evil and the soul is the God. Okay? Because the mind is easily they can’t. Mess with your soul as much.        

12:17:  They’re figuring out how to do it. They’re sure trying, aren’t they? But the mind, they knew for a long time ago. It’s very easy to control the mind. To zombify things, put fluoride in the water.        

12:30:  They have people eating unhealthy cooked, processed foods all day long. Most people on the planet right now, pRobably 99%, 80% to 90% of the. Food that they consume every single day is relaxed food. Yeah. That’s amazing.        

12:46:  Horrible. The solution is to take control of your health again and start spending more. Time and effort listening to your body. Spending more time raising your vibrational frequency, spending more time in prayer and meditation. Being a loving person, loving yourself, which is huge.        

13:08:  Most people don’t love yourself. I’ve interviewed so many people and I said, when is the last time that. You looked in the mirror and you. Said, you know what? I really love myself.        

13:18:  I look great, I feel great, I have a nice day. When is the last time you’ve done that, right? I say, you know what? And I sit there and think, well said. The last time I did that was when I was a cheerleader in high school, right?        

13:32:  And I looked at the mirror, I felt great. Everything in my world was great. I was dating with Stark having done that in 16 years, right? Wasn’t that sad? Yeah.        

13:45:  They’ve taught us how to hate ourselves. Taught us how to hate other people. When we’re all the same. We are. We all have the same soul, connected.        

13:58:  It doesn’t matter what color, race, creed. We’re all human beings, right? It’s all part of their plan. Create those negative emotions in the divisions, right. Division and hate.        

14:09:  Right? What we’re going through right now, I like to call the Great Awakening in order to wake a lot of people up. The only way you can wake a lot of people up is through pain and trauma and suffering, right? And that’s been we’re going through a lot of that right now, documented for. A long time, especially with people that have addictions.        

14:28:  And I’ve interviewed many people that have. Spent millions of dollars in the top rehab centers for years and years. And I learn. You learn by asking questions. Talk less, listen more.        

14:39:  That’s one of the best quotes I. Forgot who said, it one of the best quotes ever. Talk less, listen more. That’s how you learn. And the people, I asked them, what.        

14:51:  Was it that finally changed you? And every single time I had to. Hit rock bottom, I lost my wife. I lost my marriage, I lost my kids, I lost my job, I lost everything. I hit a rock bottom.        

15:05:  And then they always say I had. Like, a God come to Jesus move, right? Something happened to me. Had this spiritual experience. And I never touched drugs again ever since then.        

15:21:  So this is exactly what we have. Been, because they purposely got us addicted. To social media, addicted to watching Netflix. Addicted to sports, addicted to fast food. Game, addicted to video games.        

15:35:  It’s the same thing they’ve engineered all of. In order to undo all of these. Addictions that they’ve put on us, we. Have to go through the pain for some people, right? There’s this amount of people here, then.        

15:50:  There’s the middle people that are they’re starting to get it, and they’re awake. And then there’s the people up here that are already awake, like you and. Everybody here at this conference, right? That we’re still learning, but at least we’re open minded and we’re not stuck in the Matrix anymore. We’re broken out of them.        

16:06:  We get it now. We’re open, and we’re starting to understand how our lives have been engineered by these evil people. For me, that was just a few years ago. So I went through this whole trauma of a death in the family. It’s like I just went through the whole just pissed off, right?        

16:22:  Just like I can’t believe this is happening. And then just frustration and then anger, right. It turns that you go in from this place where you’re depressed, and I can’t believe I’ve been lied to my entire life. Right? And then all of a sudden you realize that, but then you’re like, okay.        

16:36:  Now what do I do? How can I help? And that’s what we’re trying to do with I am pain free. And all the things that we do with our companies is to help people. I’m just so honored to be able to talk to you because the global healing in your organization, what we’ve been doing is just phenomenal.        

16:53:  So do you mind just sharing a little bit about what you’re doing and where you’re headed? I’m kind of like one of those crazy metaphoricists. I started analyzing all the foods and start analyzing all the supplements and analyzing all this stuff, and it’s like, there’s nothing out there that’s pure anymore. Dog contaminated, right? So I was like, I want to take stuff.        

17:14:  So I started by me developing new technologies in the nutraceutical industry where we do everything raw. Our main mission was to preserve the energetic and the vibrational value of the plants. And that was, how can we do that without heating them up, without boiling them, without steaming them, without radiating them? How can we preserve all those natural essences in the plants with cold process? So we developed the first cold raw herbal extract technology.        

17:47:  And so we actually even test if we’re going to use milk filter, for. Example, or any type of an orb. We’Ll get 20 different samples from all over the wood, all organic, and then we’ll take them through our energetic vibrational testing. We’ll test them for contaminants, we’ll test them for metals. We’ll test them for everything.        

18:05:  And whichever one has the highest vibration, whichever one is the cleanest, that’s the one that we’ll choose. And this is the deal with us. I could buy certified organic milk this for $2 a pound, right? But the one that’s the cleanest and. The one that’s the freshest and was picked, like, let’s say within the last six months and has the highest vibration.        

18:26:  Of energy, that one is $18 a pound. Wow. No one would ever know by looking. At organic milk thistle on the shelf. You see, oh, there’s the certified organic steel, right?        

18:38:  I’ll take the $2. We know there’s a huge difference between the $2 organic milk thistle and the $18 milk, right? So we use the $18 milk. That’s amazing. People are like, well, why is your milk thistle that much more expensive?        

18:51:  I can get milk this one a bottle for $2, organic for $2. Who’s like 39 or $29? Well, because that’s why what you want in your body is the highest vibration. And energy for all of the herbs that you’re doing. Makes sense.        

19:07:  So we started that, and so I’m. Really involved in taking it to the next level, right? Now, which we’re just releasing our acoustic glycerozoma technology where we’re able to actually wrap the constituents of the plant inside of what’s called a glycerozomal. You’ve heard of Liposomal? Most of that stuff that we’ve tested is just fake.        

19:31:  It’s all market sunflower. Lecithin call it lipospirit or liposomal. Okay? The Glycerosomal technology that we developed is 20% to 30% more bioavailable in rapid delivery than the Liposomal. Why do we need this?        

19:48:  Because Big Pharma and all of this stuff that they’re doing with their aerosolized lipid nanoparticle. Nanotechnology.        

19:57:  They’re calling it Lipid Nanoparticle, but it’s actually polymer nanoparticle. They’re using plastics and polymers and fibers. To do we need something that’s going. To be able to be at that level of technology that could counteract what they do. That’s why I’ve been studying their lipid.        

20:16:  Nanoparticle technology since 2015, trying to counteract it. And we finally got it right in time. By the way. It’s all God. Amen.        

20:24:  And now we’re able to actually utilize the Glycerosome all natural with no chemicals or no acids or no fibers or. No filaments to go in and to. Neutralize all of the things that the payloads that they’re using in their hydrogel and their naming company. Interesting. So get rid of the put in the good and get rid of the bad.

20:45:  We’re like, oh, taking capsules is one thing, but being able to actually get. And deliver these compounds from the plants. In deep into the cells of what they’re doing is the new technology that we’re rolling. Awesome. That’s exciting.        

21:04:  Yeah. So thank you for letting me say that. And we also have a Global Healing Institute, and that’s really what it’s about, is teaching people how to heal themselves. The first step is education. They really don’t understand about their body.        

21:19:  They understand how to heal themselves. Got you. So go to and learn how to heal yourself. Global Healing Institute. Awesome.        

21:30:  Fantastic. Thank you so much for taking the time. God bless you. I really appreciate it. We’ll make sure we have all his contact information below.        

21:39:  We’ll make sure you get to those two websites and just God bless you and thank you for everything you’re doing. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thank you for everything you’re doing. Congratulations.

>> Learn More About QE Strong Pain Patches <<


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