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Getting out of your warm, comfortable bed when your alarm goes off is challenging enough without the added burden of an achy body. 

In this post, we’ll discuss a few possible causes of bodily aches the morning after a good night’s sleep and how to avoid them with a pain relief skin patch. 


The average individual sleeps or tries to sleep for an incredible 40% of their life. A high-quality mattress might be one of the best investments you ever make given how much time we spend sleeping and how vital sleep is to our health.

A high-quality mattress must be comfortable for you as well as stably support your body weight. 

The perfect alignment of your head, shoulders, buttocks, and heels on a mattress will depend on your particular concept of comfort. 

A mattress that is overly soft and causes your hips to sink in could be the cause of your body issues.


A pillow’s job is to support your head as you sleep so that your spine maintains its natural bend. Your pillow should be roughly as thick as the space between your ear and the outside of your shoulder in order to take into account the height that your shoulder provides and maintain the spine in a natural position when you sleep on your side. 

If you typically sleep on your stomach or back, you might think about switching to sleeping on your side as these positions may be the source of your post-sleep body pains (more on this below).

The softness of a pillow depends on personal preference and how comfortable it makes you feel, just like with mattresses (while retaining the correct height).

Sleeping Position 

As it places your head, neck, and spine in neutral positions, sleeping on your back is regarded as one of the finest sleeping positions2. Unfortunately, it can also lead to lower back pain, so if you wake up with this kind of pain, you might think about switching to sleeping on your side. 

Additionally, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach because doing so could result in neck and back pain.

If you’ve ever tried to catch up on sleep with a marathon 12-hour sleep session, you may be aware that too much sleep can cause physical aches, which may be caused by an uncomfortable sleeping position.

Medical Issue 

Inflammation, which in turn may be brought on by an underlying medical condition, is a potential cause of body aches associated with sleep. 

Visit your doctor to rule out any inflammation-causing disorders like Lyme disease, thyroid disease, arthritis, or chronic fatigue syndrome if you’re worried about how much discomfort you’re experiencing while getting out of bed every morning. 

Even something as basic as vitamin D deficiency could be the cause of the issue.


As was previously noted, inflammation can make your body hurt. Regrettably, there is a long list of potential triggers for it, including chronic illnesses, drugs, sweets, refined carbs, alcohol, processed meat, and trans fats. Inflammation in the body can be decreased with a healthier Mediterranean diet.

Consult a doctor if you suspect that you may be experiencing inflammation. You may also use a natural pain relief such as a patch to alleviate the pain. 

Sleep Deprivation

Can a lack of sleep lead to bodily aches and pains? Absolutely. Even though it may hurt, physical aches might keep you from sleeping well, which in turn can put you in a vicious cycle of pain. If your worries are causing you to have trouble sleeping, speak with your doctor.


Lack of quality sleep, which denies your body’s tissues and cells repair time, can lead to morning bodily aches. Exercise is a good technique to promote sleep since it makes the body tired and relieves tension, which helps to increase the quantity and quality of sleep you get each night.


It can be challenging to pinpoint the root cause of some health problems, such as body aches after sleeping, given the complexity of our bodies. However, if you go through this list and eliminate as many of the items as you can, you should have a clearer idea of what is making your body ache in the morning and be able to get a better night’s sleep as a result. Lastly, you can also buy a pain relief patch to help soothe the pain.

QEStrong is here to provide you with cutting-edge medical solutions, both for you and to your loved ones, friends, and animals. Our goal is to equip you with the proper knowledge necessary to protect your health so that you can restore or preserve sound mental and physical well-being. Get a pain relief skin patch today!

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