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It is possible for non-diabetic people to maintain stability and keep glucose levels under control, especially when it’s under the premise of being more informed about this particular component in our body.

In previous articles, we’ve discussed guidelines about glucose and what can make it unstable. Let’s go over these eight things that can help keep your glucose levels in check.

1) Fiber Intake

Fiber-rich foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, all considered non-starchy. Consuming enough fiber helps keep our intestines healthy and сlean, which in turn helps your body to absorb glucose from your food. Our bodies end up producing fatter cells, which in turn absorb more glucose from the blood when we consume too little fiber.

2) Cinnamon Flavoring

Cinnamon helps contribute to the healthy regulation of blood sugar levels, contributing to the stability of glucose levels in our bodies. Adding cinnamon crushes to your daily diet can be a good practice because of that, so try taking a few teaspoons in your dishes every now and then.

3) Alternative Sweeteners

One of the best things to manage your glucose intake and help your body get healthier is to start using alternative sweeteners. Avoid consuming artificial sweeteners at all costs and replace them with alternative sweeteners such as stevia, xylitol, and raw sugar, which have fewer carbohydrates.

4) Ideal Food Order

The ideal food order is to always begin your meal with non-starchy foods, like salads, fruit, green tea, and soup. You should also try adding raw high-fiber foods to your meal, as they’re very high in fiber, which can help to keep you fuller longer, and they’ll help keep your glucose levels regulated. Adding more carbs to your meals is something you should consider.

5) Balanced Diet

The best thing you can do to stabilize your glucose levels is to maintain a balanced diet consisting of healthy foods that will help supply your body with the nutrients it needs. You should also be aware of which type of food is causing you to have higher glucose levels and regulate your meals. Taking accompanying vitamins can also help greatly.

6) Exercise

Exercise such as HIIT or High-intensity interval training is the best way to burn more fat and manage your glucose levels. HIIT training is a technique that is also good for training your heart to get a lot of oxygen, burning off excess glucose.

7) More Mindfulness

The more mindful you are about what you’re eating, the more control you will have over your glucose levels because it will help you regulate the way that you eat and the amount that you eat. If you’re mindful of your diet, you can eat in moderation and avoid eating excess carbs, regulating your glucose levels.

8) Good Sleep Schedule

Good sleep is important to help your body recover after a long day. As briefly mentioned in the last article, your body releases growth hormones that help burn fat and break it down into glucose. Without proper sleep, your glucose levels will be higher or lower than they should be. Rectify that by getting some shuteye.


The human body is designed to produce glucose in order to keep us alive. Follow the guidelines outlined to maintain stability and keep glucose levels under control. Take some important steps toward a healthier lifestyle that will keep your body functioning.

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