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The obesity pandemic is a topic that is frequently covered by the news. Twelve million children and nearly 75 million adults in the U.S. alone are fat. 

Furthermore, the 33 percent of Americans who are merely overweight are not included in these ominous figures. What does this actually mean? Obesity is defined by the CDC as a BMI of 30 or greater.

Below are some realistic grounds for losing weight—in case you need more reasons.

Heart Condition

You are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, heart attack, or stroke if you have excess fat, especially around your waist. Excess fat also affects your blood vessel system, raises blood pressure, reduces good cholesterol, and lowers triglyceride levels.


According to the National Cancer Institute, obesity is associated with a higher chance of developing esophagus, breast, endometrial, colon, rectum, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, and gallbladder malignancies.


The most prevalent kind of diabetes, type 2, most frequently appears in overweight or obese middle-aged men and women, particularly when those extra pounds appear as belly fat. 

However, not only adults are at risk. Additionally, type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly prevalent among overweight and obese kids and teenagers.


Major depression is 37 percent more common in obese women, and the two illnesses frequently interact and impact one another. According to the American Psychological Association, heavy women also experience more frequent suicidal ideation.


Being overweight restricts movement and places a great deal more stress on your skeleton. The CDC reports that obese individuals are more likely to have arthritis. 

According to experts at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, the combination of obesity and knee arthritis will also cause Americans over 50 to lose 86 million good years of life. 

Also, researchers from the University of New Hampshire discovered that obese and overweight women typically had 24 percent less leg strength and 20 percent slower walking speeds than study participants who were of a healthy weight.

Gum Disease

According to the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry’s recent study, excessive body fat can even have an impact on your dental health, increasing your risk for periodontal disease.

Birth Defects, Gestational Diabetes, and Infertility

Being overweight increases the risk of miscarriages, pregnancy problems, and birth abnormalities in the fetus. Additionally, obesity can affect in vitro fertilization’s success rate. 

Obesity is linked to decreased sperm motility and changed testosterone levels, both of which affect a man’s fertility.

Life Quality

If personal health issues aren’t sufficient motivation to reduce weight, consider that obesity can also have a significant financial impact. A recent study from Cornell University found that obesity is now responsible for nearly 21 percent of all U.S. healthcare expenses. 

That corresponds to $190.2 billion annually across the country. Individually, obese individuals spend $2 741 more on medical expenses per year than non-obese individuals. 

Healthcare expenses are increased more by obesity than by cigarette use.


It’s time to start looking at those additional kilograms if you’ve been avoiding them. Simple things like long life, good physical health, and emotional well-being are the finest motivations for losing weight. A little more financial stability also doesn’t hurt.

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