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For decades, people have gotten used to the electronic conveniences of modern life – from the internet to cellphones to iPads. With our obsession with these devices, we never even stopped to question if they were doing us harm or putting us at risk for some type of danger. These devices emit electromagnetic frequencies that could potentially affect our health. Let’s look at the possible dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and how they can affect our lives.

What Are EMFs?

EMFs refer to the invisible fields of electromagnetic energy that extend out from any electrical device. You may be familiar with the term already since it relates to the electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields which arise from natural and man-made sources.

EMF radiation is electromagnetic frequencies that come from an electromagnetic field, which is a generated field of energy. They are around us in everyday life and are not particularly dangerous in themselves; however, they can cause health problems if the energy produced is significant enough to cause a disruption in normal body functions. EMFs can be classified into two types: non-ionizing and ionizing.

Non-ionizing EMFs are higher in frequency and cannot break the bonds between molecules. They create an electromagnetic force that is weaker than the bonds between molecules. On the other hand, ionizing EMFs are lower in frequency and can cause a chemical change in molecules.

Basically, EMFs can come from power lines, electrical appliances, cell phones, wireless monitors and radios, etc. These invisible waves of energy are virtually present in all areas of our lives, and they can affect the human body in a number of ways.

How Are EMFs Created, and How Do They Affect Us?

Almost everything in our environment emits some form of radiation. For example, a light bulb has a base that is wired to the electricity wires and produces electric and magnetic fields. Microwaves, light waves, and cellphones also emit electromagnetic fields. 

There are various sources of EMFs that surround our lives. These sources include power lines and electrical appliances in our homes. Some common household electrical devices that produce EMFs are:

  • Microwaves
  • Electric Blankets
  • Electric Razors
  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • Cell Phones
  • EMF Exposure

Health Concerns over EMFs

Over the years, various health concerns have been brought up about EMFs. Electromagnetic radiation has been found to cause headaches, fatigue, depression, memory loss, and nausea. Studies have also shown that higher exposure to EMFs can lead to cancer, miscarriages, and other fetal development problems.

Research on the long-term effects of EMFs is quite lacking, but many institutions have initiated their own studies about it. Even though the long-term effects of EMFs on the body remain uncertain, there is no doubt that the electromagnetic waves produced by various appliances and devices around us can be highly detrimental to our health.

Danger Levels of EMFs

It is difficult to determine how much exposure to EMFs one should be cautious of, as each person is different. Different people can react differently to EMFs. Our lifestyles also play a role in how we are affected. For example, someone who lives in a cramped apartment and is constantly exposed to microwave radiation from the surrounding buildings will be affected more than someone who lives in the country.

The devices we use on a daily basis can be extremely dangerous if we are constantly exposed to them. Microwaves, cell phones, and wireless devices are the most dangerous. There are also various products, such as EMF blocking devices, that you can use to protect yourself if you are constantly exposed to high levels of EMFs.


EMFs are increasingly becoming an ever-present part of our everyday lives. Even though these sources of radiation may surround us, we rarely ever think about the harm they can cause. While there are many studies on the effects of these waves of energy, there is a lack of information on EMFs and long-term health. Further research is required to fully understand the effects of these waves of energy and how they can affect our health.

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