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QE Strong Story

All Patches Prayer Guide

QE Strong’s beginning came from Rick from Blessed2Teach and his brother Rob’s search for health solutions for the Blessed2Teach community. Rob was working on formulating healthy all-natural supplements and was led by the Lord to the amazing Quantum Energy solutions.

While the Quantum Energy solutions appeared to be amazing, Rob had learned the very critical importance of doing his own research to verify anything after becoming Redpilled in 2020. After doing deep dives into Quantum Energy, Intentions, and how successful they have become, they began testing within their community.

The results were amazing and the reviews and testimonials from people were undeniable and thus, QE Strong was born so they could bring these incredible solutions to the world and help people get off of Big Pharma drugs.

Welcome to QE Strong

God bless you and God bless your health.


Allergy Relief Prayer Guide

Anti-Anxiety Prayer Guide

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Pain Prayer Guide

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Keto Boost Prayer Guide

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